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Protecting Your Assets: CODB and Your Bottom Line

In the seventh segment of the Protecting Your Assets series, Judy Herrmann of, explains how to use a Cost of Doing Business Analysis to get a handle on your bottom line, including:

  • What your CODB is and what it is not
  • What should go into your CODB calculation
  • How to calculate your minimum CODB
  • How to incorporate your financial goals into your CODB results

In just under 6 minutes, you’ll get a solid understanding of how to use this time-tested tool to make better financial decisions and improve your profitability. Stay tuned for segment 8, where she will share a financial forecasting tool that will help you keep your financial goals on track.

Lindsay Partridge

Lindsay has been with Agency Access for four years. After a transition from Campaign Manager where she managed multiple client campaigns, she found her home as Marketing Manager. She enjoys working in the creative world and bringing her Public Relations background to the forefront.

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