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If I Were You and I Wanted To Meet Me

5 pretty darn good suggestions to get your face in front of a Creative Director…


Own Your Past, Live in the Present, Plan For the Future

Q: As freelancers, the product we pitch doesn’t exist yet, but is based on work that was previously created. How do we sell based on the past?


6 Unspoken Rules of Successful Blogging

I’ve been an avid blogger since the very young age of just 13. I’ve used all the sites – LiveJournal, Xanga, Blogger, WordPress, and, of course, Tumblr. As a journalism major at Hofstra University, I had to learn all aspects…


Freelancer Anonymous: Keeping Your Name Off Your Work

Today’s Lab blog features a great write-in question from one of our readers. We tapped attorney Rachel Brenke, aka the LawTog, to give her advice on how to address this sensitive situation. Q: In some cases, especially in the early…


It’s Time To Shine!

I’m excited and flattered to be participating in the 2014 Dream Bigger Conference, an online audio conference bringing together a dozen of the world’s most creative and inspirational entrepreneurs.

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Get Connected, Stay In Touch

An email comes into your inbox and it’s a magazine or book publisher (or any number of places that wants to ask for your availability). How you reply, move forward with the job, and follow up afterwards could make the…


Going Offline: Tips For In-Person Networking

In-person networking doesn’t have to be a soul-sucking experience. Most of us hate networking because we associate self-promotion with bragging. But, where bragging is all about making yourself feel big and the person you’re talking to feel small, effective networking…

Marketing to the right people

Marketing to your existing clients

Q: I have a marketing plan for attracting new clients. What about my current clients? Should I separate them from that pack and make my marketing efforts more personal, or mix them in with the “new” crowd at times? My…