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All posts tagged Clientele Expansion

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If I Were You and I Wanted To Meet Me

5 pretty darn good suggestions to get your face in front of a Creative Director…


Own Your Past, Live in the Present, Plan For the Future

Q: As freelancers, the product we pitch doesn’t exist yet, but is based on work that was previously created. How do we sell based on the past?

What Buyers Want From Photographers

What Buyers Want From Photographers

For the third year in a row, Agency Access has partnered up with PhotoShelter to produce the annual “What Buyers Want From Photographers” e-book.The guide has been completely updated with new surveys, case studies, interviews and statistics from real life…

How to Approach Your Competitor’s Clients

Question: What are some surefire ways to overcome obstacles when trying to form new relationships with people who have long-established relationships with other artists? Think about it this way: hopefully you have at least one loyal, long-term client who loves…

How to Snag a New Segment of Clients

Question: What are some of the best strategies to go after a new, emerging creative segment? Segment marketing, sometimes called “target marketing” or even “niche marketing,” is the most powerful, affordable and effective marketing tool we have to grow our…

Understanding What Clients Look For

To become a “valued business partner” you have to show that you’ll be a valuable business partner. Every sales and marketing touch, from mailers and portfolios to in-person meetings and phone calls, should be designed to showcase the value you…

The No. 1 Strategy for Breaking Into Stock Imagery

Question: How can I attract and market to clients looking for stock? There is a simple but time-proven axiom in the picture business that applies to this question: Generalists strive while specialists thrive. The competition in today’s tumultuous stock industry…

Can a Rep Guarantee Success in a New Market?

Question: I want to break into the market of a city that I don’t live in. Do I need a rep? How do I do this? The real question is: Should you do this? Before you actually move outside of…

Following Trends Without Sacrificing Self

July 17, 2012 @ 9:30 a.m. in The Business Lab by Heather Elder | Heather Elder Represents View Comments Question: I have an established look. How can I attract new business without totally changing to meet the trends of the…

Breaking into Advertising

10 tips to help photographers break into advertising

Q: How hard is it for a young photographer to break into advertising? Let me guess: You want to shoot advertising, but you don’t know how to get into that market. It all starts with a strong foundation. Here are…