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Audio logo

Creating and Implementing An Audio Logo

What is an audio logo? Most major companies spend thousands of dollars to create logos which visually capture the essence of their services, corporate mission, or product offerings. Thousands more are spent applying that logo to every advertisement, promotion, letterhead,…


Going Offline: Tips For In-Person Networking

In-person networking doesn’t have to be a soul-sucking experience. Most of us hate networking because we associate self-promotion with bragging. But, where bragging is all about making yourself feel big and the person you’re talking to feel small, effective networking…

3 Steps to Booking Long-Distance Meetings

Question: When cold-calling potential clients that may be farther away, should I ask to take a meeting or to just send my portfolio? I live in northern New York and most of the clients I’m targeting are in New York…

Breaking into Advertising

10 tips to help photographers break into advertising

Q: How hard is it for a young photographer to break into advertising? Let me guess: You want to shoot advertising, but you don’t know how to get into that market. It all starts with a strong foundation. Here are…

I said 'Elevator Pitch', what's with the stairs?

My Marketing Adventure: The elevator pitch for photographers

Can I really make an impression on clients in less than 60 seconds? For a long time now I have known that I needed to write an effective elevator speech – of course knowing and actually doing are not the…