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All posts tagged Email Marketing

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King of the CASL

New legislation enacted by the Canadian government this year has been causing a shakeup in the freelance artist community. The Canadian Anti Spam Legislation (dubbed “CASL”) takes effect July 1st of this year. Among other provisions, the new law now…

AXS Hangouts: Define Your Market. Build Your List

A fantastic primer on how to begin marketing your work as a freelance artist.


Lunch With A Creative Director

Recently the folks at the Lab asked me if I could shed light on the subject of what kind of self-promotion gets the attention of a Creative Director. Having been a Creative Director for some of the world’s most influential…

How to get noticed

Getting noticed: how to catch the eye of a rep

Q: What does an artist representative look for when sorting through their daily submissions for new talent? As a photo agent, my email is flooded on a daily basis with submissions from photographers seeking representation. I take the time to…

Email Marketing: If Doors Are Closing, Find Another Way In

Question: What challenges are you facing as (some) big agencies close the door on email? Big agencies are inundated with emails every day, as are smaller agencies. The average result on email marketing is approximately 2% – that’s how many recipients,…

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3 strategies to follow-up your email promo

Q: What do I do with my email statistics now that I’ve got them? Email marketing is one of the quickest ways to put your work in front of a potential client. And using self-serve email marketing tools, you can…

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Dialogues Podcast: Email and direct mail campaigns that nailed it

Q: What types of promotions get noticed? Before we get into this podcast, we just wanted to let YOU, the reader – or listener in this case – know we’ve done something a little different. Podcast’s are great but we’re…

Dialogues Podcast: Attention Grabbing Emails

July 30, 2012 @ 12 p.m. in The Marketing Lab by Dialogues Podcast View Comments Question: How do I get the attention of creatives with an email marketing campaign? Email marketing is one of the best ways to reach potential…

Standing Out With Personal Emails

April 23, 2012 @ 11 a.m. in The Marketing Lab by Marc Scheff | Marc Scheff View Comments Question: What should I be doing with my email promotions to separate myself from the competition? The real secret to standing out…

Dialogues Podcast: What Makes an Email Promotion Successful?

April 17, 2012 @ 10 a.m. in The Marketing Lab by Dialogues Podcast View Comments Question: What makes a successful email promotion? It’s one of the most common – and important – questions on the minds and lips of freelance…