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Ride A Wave of Positivity

It seems like everyone is in different steps in their creative practice. Some people are taking a victory lap sharing their new series of images that just published. Some people are passive aggressively mumbling that the sky is falling and…


Promoting North of the Border Post CASL

On Canada Day, July 1st, a new law went into effect that is making it more difficult for freelancers to promote to potential Canadian clients. The new law is called Canadian Anti Spam Legislation or CASL for short. The intent…


The Wonderful World of Zines

For the last couples of years, using zines as alternative forms of promotion has been a hot topic of discussion by professionals and professors in art schools.. Should artists commit a certain number of hours outside of paid work to…

AXS Hangouts: Branding For Artists

Taking your business to the next level – learn how to develop and implement a memorable brand.


Keeping Your Resolutions

The year is flying by so quickly, but we can still see January 1st in the rearview mirror. It’s that time of the year where people begin to lose sight of their goals and resolutions that they set for themselves…


Welcome Aboard, JP!

We’d like to welcome Jennifer Perlmutter aka JP to the Agency Access family. JP is our newest Creative Consultant, and she wanted the opportunity to introduce herself and say a few words about her experiences and her vision: I cannot…

Detox your career

From the Archives: Detox Your Career

Top industry consultant Amanda Sosa Stone offers tips on how to clear your head and renew your creative energy as we enter 2014: You can drink wheat grass shots, eat kale salads all day, or bubble wrap yourself – but that won’t…

Illustration by Daniel Fishel

Get Connected, Stay In Touch

An email comes into your inbox and it’s a magazine or book publisher (or any number of places that wants to ask for your availability). How you reply, move forward with the job, and follow up afterwards could make the…

Going Postal

Going postal

Q: What should I consider when designing a postcard promo? On top of the usual interoffice related emails they receive, an art director can get an average of three to twenty unsolicited emails a day from various creative people. I…

Graduate student

Dive in head first

As a recent college graduate, it’s difficult to get a jumpstart on an arts career. How can I put my degree to use, while still paying the bills? Spring is a romantic time of year. It’s also one of the…