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Using Photo Projects to Stay Sharp

Photographers can sometimes go long periods of time without tackling projects for which they’re getting paid. When that assignment work has slowed to a trickle at different points in the year, it’s important to still stay at the top of…


My Path to Photography

Eckhart Tolle once said, “In seeing who we are not, the reality of who we are will emerge by itself.” My decision to become a photographer and commercial artist wasn’t a lightbulb kind of moment, but more of an illuminated…


3 Tips For Using Instagram As An Extension Of Your Portfolio

Of all the social media sites, Instagram may well be the one that you should exploit in a big way if you’re a photographer.


Three Ways To Conquer Your Creative Block

Many people have heard about writer’s block, a dreaded condition that causes an author’s creative juices to dry up—sometimes even for years. It’s not unique to writers. In fact, “creative block” is just as likely to strike photographers and many…

A day in the life of an at buyer

A Day In the Life of An Art Buyer

Q: What does an art buyer actually do on a daily basis? How do they go about selecting talent for a campaign?