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All posts tagged Marketing Management

The Social Media Landscape

The Social Landscape In 2014

Social Media provides business professionals more than just a way of interacting with friends and their personal network — websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram allow people to showcase their work and their personalities too.

What Buyers Want From Photographers

What Buyers Want From Photographers

For the third year in a row, Agency Access has partnered up with PhotoShelter to produce the annual “What Buyers Want From Photographers” e-book.The guide has been completely updated with new surveys, case studies, interviews and statistics from real life…

The Next Steps: A Post College Odyssey

April 30, 2013 @ 10 a.m. in The Marketing Labby Jennifer Kilberg | FluidVision View Comments An interview with photographer, cinematographer, and recent college grad Bobby Bruderle. As a young emerging talent your drive and work ethic is so important….

Drawing the Line Between Promoting to and Pestering Clients

Question: When should I stop pursuing a client? Unless a client has said expressly that he or she doesn’t think your work is a good fit, I don’t see any harm in sharing a new piece in hopes of working…

How to Keep Your Client Relationship Alive

Question: Do the same photographer and illustrator marketing principles (email, mail, personal visits) work to maintain relationships, or are there better ways to keep a relationship going? With marketing, goal No. 1 is to get noticed. In a sea of…

Marketing with intent: goals, strategies and tactics

Q: How does one differentiate between goal, strategy and tactic in a targeted marketing campaign? Can you share some examples of artists with a successful plan that includes these? A targeted marketing plan is an essential tool to drive your…

Marketing Trends: Be Smart, Be Creative, Be a Leader

Question: How do I keep up with the trends and still retain my current marketing path? I have a magnet on my refrigerator that says, “Change is good as long as I don’t have to do anything different!” But the…

Consistent and Patient Marketing Encourage Clients to Hire You

Question: How long do you have to be marketing before you move to the relationship stage, and to quoting on a project? It varies from client to client, but if you’re marketing appropriate work to a good contact list, then…

Networking at Events: Be Good, Nice and Awesome

July 19, 2012 @ 1 p.m. in The Marketing Lab by Marc Scheff | Marc Scheff View Comments Question: What are the best networking tactics for conferences and trade shows? More than anything, getting results at trade shows requires a…

The Only Good Routine is the One That Works for You

June 27, 2012 @ 10 a.m. in The Business Lab by Brian Taylor | View Comments Question: I’m a new freelancer … do you have any tips for initiating a professional routine? When I think about an illustrator’s routine,…