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5 Ways to Avoid the Summer Lull

I love, love, love the summer. Day trips to the beach, dining al fresco, quaffing rosé. What’s not to love? Work is typically a little quieter for me at this time of year, so it’s tempting to play hooky (would…


3 Tips For Using Instagram As An Extension Of Your Portfolio

Of all the social media sites, Instagram may well be the one that you should exploit in a big way if you’re a photographer.


Keeping Your Resolutions

The year is flying by so quickly, but we can still see January 1st in the rearview mirror. It’s that time of the year where people begin to lose sight of their goals and resolutions that they set for themselves…


5 Reasons To Outsource Your Marketing

If you’re like many creative people, marketing is the last thing you want to spend time on. Paid gigs, shooting or designing personal work, editing images, doing taxes, and other business tasks usually seem a lot more urgent. The trouble…

Detox your career

From the Archives: Detox Your Career

Top industry consultant Amanda Sosa Stone offers tips on how to clear your head and renew your creative energy as we enter 2014: You can drink wheat grass shots, eat kale salads all day, or bubble wrap yourself – but that won’t…


Three Ways To Conquer Your Creative Block

Many people have heard about writer’s block, a dreaded condition that causes an author’s creative juices to dry up—sometimes even for years. It’s not unique to writers. In fact, “creative block” is just as likely to strike photographers and many…