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The Art and Value of Networking

Networking being important is the sort of vague business concept that most people will have heard as they enter their professional life. It seems genuine, and it certainly seems like there can’t be any harm in being well-connected, but the ins and out of how to go about it effectively and why it’s important, often remain elusive for a lot of people. Given that this is the case let us take a look at ways in which you can get your networking game to the level that it needs to be to find success.

1. Idea Generation

Conversation breeds ideas; it’s as simple as that. You can sit alone and try and force yourself to come up with fresh and exciting concepts, but most of the great ‘eureka’ moments come from interactions that create the sparks that create the flames. Networking is a great way to generate those sparks since you will be talking to people who are either in your industry or in other sectors that you can draw from.

2. The Follow-Up Email

It’s nice to have a little chat with someone about their career and your career, but in practical terms, the real value comes from the maintenance and upkeep of the relationship. This is why the follow-up email is so important. You have to strike the perfect balance of expressing happiness at having met and a reflection on your past conversation as well as implying prospects for your business relationship. If this seems tough, you could look to sites like Academized and PaperFellows as tools to help craft the perfect email.

3. Finding A Job

The job search is eternal. This isn’t meant to be threatening; it’s more a question of opportunity. “Even if you find yourself reasonably happily employed somewhere, or a freelancer constantly looking for work, what you don’t realize is that there could be an even better fitting role out there, that you aren’t looking for. Networking allows you to always be out in the field, even if you’re not specifically looking for new work”, says Harry Mint, communications manager at OxEssays and StateOfWriting.

4. Digital Networking

Networking is no longer merely a case of being at the right bar after work or hanging around the refreshments table at a conference trying to spot attractive name labels. It can now be done entirely remotely, through social media, business sites like LinkedIn, and even just email. You ought to explore all of these options thoroughly. If you chose email, then take a look at AustralianHelp and BigAssignments as tools for finding eye-catching subject lines to get you noticed.

5. Investing Long Term

One of the difficulties with networking is that you can go at it intensely and feel like, though you now have a few email addresses, there isn’t a tangible benefit to it all. The truth of this is that networking isn’t something that you can ever expect to find instant results on. It’s a lifetime, long-term pursuit that could pay off massively ten years after making a particular connection. It’s not hard to see why that is; it’s merely a question of the timing. You very rarely find that you meet people at the exact right moment, but once you’re in their phonebook or their mind when an opportunity does arise, you’re well-placed to capitalize on it.

6. Marketing Yourself

Networking is made difficult by one of its most exciting draws. “To network effectively, you have to be able to market yourself, your career, to other people. It’s important that you don’t pull your punches but that you state exactly what you’ve achieved and what you’re capable of”, says Leo Jimenez, marketer at EliteAssignmentHelp and Studydemic. The delicate issue with this task is that it involves the risk that you begin to sound self-centered, arrogant, or like your only goal in conversation is to achieve gain for yourself. That’s the delicate balance with networking: allowing a conversation to flow naturally, making it something both parties will look back positively on but not failing to ensure that you’ve marketed yourself and your skills correctly.

Networking is a complex and exciting experience. On the one hand, it’s a professional issue, a tool used by professionals to advance their careers and their contacts list. On the other hand, it involves a great deal of human skill as well, an ability to charm and impress without seeming obnoxious. It takes years to perfect, but the possible benefits are limitless.

Nora Mork

Nora Mork is a marketing journalist at UK Writings and Boom Essays. She shares her knowledge and experience by speaking at public events and contributing posts to blogs and magazines, such as Essay Roo.

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