The Bare Bones of Unified Brand Presence Management

What converts a business into a worldwide brand? A loyal base of satisfied customers and globally intrigued leads. But that would be hard to achieve without a broad social presence and a unified brand experience.

What does a unified brand even mean? When it comes to retail, the unified brand is a clear business strategy that unifies all of the company’s products and services with one powerful message spread across multiple channels.

If you take a look at marketing statistics, you may note that 95% of online adults are most likely to follow a brand via social networks. In addition, 94% of all consumers agree that their loyalty depends on a company’s transparency. So it’s no surprise that branded “authentic” content is the most influential factor in gaining followers.

In today’s highly competitive market, it all comes down to a brand’s credibility and trustworthiness. Therefore, let’s go step by step and review all of the essentials that make a brand unified and helps you spread awareness.

Blog – Creating Your Brand’s Voice


Did you know that 86% of B2B companies are blogging? The first step to memorability is making a blog people will immediately recognize as your own brand. By creating a blog, you are giving your brand a voice. Since it’s very important to make a good first impression, be sure to define what the brand stands for and what type of personality you are trying to convey.

Think about the name and message first, but be sure to consider the design as well. In order for a brand to be perceived as unique, it must create the right visual impact. In fact, just the brand’s color can enhance recognition by 80%.    

Logo – Jogging That Visual Memory


“People have an emotional connection with color first. Then we take in the shapes, the logo, and we read the words.” As previously mentioned, original visuals can boost your brand awareness online. After all, people remember famous logos and are even able to reproduce them in amazing detail, because they are branded in our memory.  

If you want your brand to be easily recalled, invest in logo design. Dive into the pool of professional logo talents that will help you drive the logo design to perfection. In other words, make a social impact via a design that speaks and relates to the message and purpose of the brand.   

Tagline – All Your Goals in One Sentence


The business tagline is the third thing customers will notice in a brand. This should be a short message that hits the point of what the brand stands for. To put it simply, use a catchy, yet distinctive phrase that will be easy to remember. Also, consider integrating it into your logo, but if you do, select a tagline that can only be applicable to your business, products, and/or services.

Social Media – Connect with Your Audience


After completing the few initial steps, it’s now time to connect with the audience. And the only way to reach the world is through social media platforms such as Facebook, Google +, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on. The goal here is to increase the brand’s likeability. Hence, follow the advice of 96% of marketers and create a more personalized customer experience.

You can start by adding the Facebook “Like” box to open up the social doors and allow people to connect with the brand via feedback and comments. It goes without saying that you should provide links to other channels on the business profile so that the consumers can easily reach out to the brand.

Niche Authority – Educate and Interact


This year is all about niche content. This trend is the best marketing strategy and the key influencer of purchasing decisions. Instead of trying to please a broader audience, marketers focus on the niche content that specifically addresses the needs of target customers. The content needs to be informative, relevant, educational, and simply great. Of course, it also should be linked with the brand offerings.  

Find a Role That Suits You


Customers love transparency and personality in a brand. That’s actually what allows them to connect with the business on a more personal level. So never invest your efforts in being something you think the audience wants. People want innovation and that can only be accomplished when you find a role that suits you and go with it.

Being who you are is the heart of the brand. While all the rest only sparks up people’s interest more, your role in the process is what matters the most. If you are considering building a unified brand, then remember these steps as the crucial guide to success. And keep in mind that “a brand for a company is like a reputation for a person.”

Anja Skrba

Anja is a part of the Content Team at DesignContest, a website with a community that's shaped by the joint efforts of talented designers and contest holders. It is created to connect people who are looking for any kind of web design services with professional designers.

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