Magazine Promo. Imagery by Callie Lipkin

The Importance of Branding and “Wow” Piece Marketing

Simply stated, branding is the quickest way for you to express what you do and what you can offer. Think of it as your face in the marketplace. It shows others that you have taken the time to seriously consider who you are as a business, what it is that you offer and what your voice is as an artist. In other words, it shows that you are a true professional and want to be taken seriously. As Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says: “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

Developing Your Brand

The development of your brand should start alongside the building of your vision as an image creator. Think of your brand as a blueprint based on your strength; that one thing you do so well. Maybe you are a portrait photographer whose brand is to elevate your subjects to hero status, a lifestyle videographer who tells their story through romanticizing the every day, or even an illustrator whose work is based on an authentic old-style look deeply rooted in heritage. Your brand is a promise you make to deliver a consistent message within your body of work.

Who Should my Brand Speak to?

You don’t have to appeal to everyone, in fact, the goal is to appeal to those buyers most likely to hire you because they are already looking for your style. It takes seconds to look at a postcard and decide whether to toss it or look more deeply at a portfolio. However, if you’ve done your research on the people on your mailing lists – and your brand is clear and consistent – you should be able to avoid oversight and start building name recognition and a deep and mutually beneficial business relationship. It is your brand that will set yourself apart from your competitors, enable clients to remember you, build loyalty to your business, create an emotional connection and add value to your business.

“Consistent branding is the most important function of a marketing team to help grow business”. – Michael Page US, Recruitment Firm

Make an Impression

Once your business’ marketing is in sync with your brand, it is time to connect with your clients in a deeper way. You’ve shown that you are professional and can deliver a consistent product. Now it is time to come up with a special marketing piece – something unique and inventive that will really get you noticed and shows that you are a perfect fit for them or their clients. Remember, the idea here is to connect this “wow piece” with your business, so be sure its main focus is your photography. This piece can be almost anything – you’re limited only by your imagination (and maybe your budget). This is a piece that will more than likely cost more than a postcard, so this isn’t something you would send to your entire mailing list. The goal is to target a smaller group and go for a bigger impact, so focus on the buyer who you already have a relationship with or ones who have shown interest in your other marketing pieces and build off the strength of your brand.

Below are examples of our members who wanted to stand out by creating some really different and special mailers.

Magazine Promo. Imagery by Callie Lipkin

Magazine Promo. Imagery by Callie Lipkin

Imagery by Colin McGuire

Water bottle/printed cards promo. Imagery by Colin McGuire

Lindsay Partridge

Lindsay has been with Agency Access for seven years. After a transition from Campaign Manager where she managed multiple client campaigns, she found her home as Marketing Manager. She enjoys working in the creative world and bringing her Public Relations background to the forefront.

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