Three Ways to Follow-up Your Email Marketing

Question: How do I follow-up on my email campaigns?

I get this is question often. Below are the methods that I have found to be most effective with the clients I work closely with. Here are some tips on how to follow-up on your email campaigns:

1. Direct Mail Postcards

  • Direct mail postcards should be sent to anyone who clicked on your email promotion since they showed interest. Companies like Agency Access can track email click-throughs for you.
  • If your budget can handle it, I also suggest that you send a postcard to those who have not opened your email to gain more exposure.
  • It is a good idea if the image in your direct mail piece is the same image as the email campaign. It allows the creative to see the image, your name, and your brand again. It is all about recognition!
  • Send out the direct mail piece at least one week after your email goes out.

Photographer Mark Richardsdirect mail piece from his “Scene” portfolio:


The Marketing Lab Mark Richards Direct Mail 01 resized 600


The Marketing Lab Mark Richards Direct Mail 02 resized 600

2. “Special Something”

  • Create a list of your 25 dream clients.
  • Put together something special that will only be sent to a selected few.
  • Something to keep in mind: You might want to include a hand written note on the card. This is a little more personal and makes the recipient feel special.

Here are some examples of some really special, successful campaigns:

Photographer Jenna Stamm’s promo:

The Marketing Lab Jenna Stamm Eggplant Mailer 01 resized 600

The Marketing Lab Jenna Stamm Eggplant Mailer 02

The Marketing Lab Jenna Stamm Eggplant Mailer 03 resized 600

Stamm’s inspiration: “My grandparents have always kept a garden in their rural Pennsylvanian backyard. I spent a season – April to September 2010 – photographing them as they planted, grew and harvested their garden. My intent was to spend time on a personal project as a way of documenting for myself and my family. At the end of the project, I had a series that was of interest to a targeted list of my clients and contacts.”

“I began to visualize a self promotion, using some of the images from the project. I hired Katie Hatz to design the printed card, and to help me plan and design the box, labels and contents. I had some ideas, like the wood grain and the ribbon that contributed to my overall vision for the piece.

“Having a clear vision – everyone thought I was crazy for sending produce, but I thought it was an interesting enough risk to spend extra money on postage to expedite for freshness – and working with a designer who was on board with my ideas and revisions, and could make them work, made the promo a success. Seven months later, I’m still meeting people who remember the Eggplant-in-a-box, and am still getting meetings because of the promo. The image series won “3rd place in Photography Series” in 2011 Altpick Awards. The promo was featured in PDN Magazine’s January 2011 “Right Stuff” article:

Photographer Jock Bradley‘s promo:

“Art directors love cool visual toys and what would be cooler than my friend and extreme kayaker Tao Berman paddling over a 40’ high waterfall in a flip book?” says Bradley.

“I had been visualizing the concept for over 10 years, but had to wait for technology to catch up. With the advent of HD video and my recent desire to move into shooting mixed media, the time was right. What I love is that this blends new school technology with old school presentation. On the day of the shoot, Tao and I had to do three takes. His position was visually very critical and the lead in to the large waterfall had some complicated features that would push him off line. In order for Tao to pull this off, he had to be within six inches of his trajectory mark. Right or left and it completely changed the look and feel of his descent. The third time was the charm and our collaboration paid off. I’m rather pleased with the results and am currently working on more flip books.”

3. Telemarketing calls

  • Create a list of those who clicked on your email promotion. These are the best contacts to target since they showed an interest in your work.
  • Also build a list for in-person meetings based on your local area or areas you will be traveling to.
  • Never say “I see you went to my website.” All creatives know about tracking systems and are aware of why you are calling.
  • Draft up what you are going to say prior to your calls. Some companies, like Agency Access offer guidelines filled with tips and inspiration for doing so.
  • Make at least 10-20 calls per day to try to book meetings or arrange to send your electronic PDF portfolio.

About Christie

Christie Starace is Agency Access’ Campaign Manager. Having worked in many different facets of Agency Access for the past seven years ranging from customer service to research, she currently runs the Campaign Manager and Campaign Manager Pro programs. Her love and passion for the programs continues to grow strong with each new client. She currently has a BA in Business Management. Agency Access

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