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Top Three Channels for Online and Offline Marketing

Question: What are the most effective online and offline marketing channels?

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Marketing in this over-stimulated world is tough. Your goal is to get the viewer to stop, take a breath, and take in your work. There is talent out there having this impact, even in this over-stimulated world we live in!

Here are my TOP three ways to use online and offline marketing, pending your budget restrictions:

Online Marketing:

1. Being recognized by industry blogs or newsletters.

Getting tweeted or talked about by someone else is the “virtual word of mouth.” To be seen on or in PDN’s PhotoServe newsletter is a great way to double your exposure. Having someone talk you up is the best way of spreading your visual brand and message.

2. Email marketing.

As much as the industry freaked out this past April about email marketing – see A Photo Editor’s Creative Director Tries To Bully Photographers Into Not Emailing Him – emails still get your website out to resources and if recipients have time, they will check you out. Don’t be scared of the people who are not looking … cherish the time with those who are looking.

3. Social networking and online sources.

Having a professional presence on social networking sites is important. This way, if people need to find you, they can. Keeping people in the loop of what you are doing professionally and sharing interesting industry facts makes you a resourceful contact. As for online sources, they are still as viable as they were years ago. Examples like, and ASMP’s are still being used daily by our potential clients. Be sure you are listed on as many sources as you can, free or paid, just get listed.

Offline Marketing:

1. Meetings, meetings, & meetings.

They are still happening and they are still working. If you have the patience to call 20 people to get one meeting, you will truly see the benefits. This alone is my #1 marketing tool for all clients.

2. Word of mouth.

Going to a party and introducing yourself to complete strangers or having clients recommend you – this is a free golden ticket. This means you have to do your best work, wow the client, and make them want to sell you to their peers. Stop every three months and call your existing clients to say hello. Be that squeaky wheel: “Hey Joe Bloe, just wanted to say hello and show you my latest project … I know you know where to find me if you need me.” For strangers, have your elevator speech and iPad ready. You never know who is looking for talent.

3. Direct Mail.

Sending a small print run through Agency Access or printers like allows you to afford mailings and get your name out the door to viewers who might not see your online efforts. Last week I had a client send a postcard to another client. Two days later, my client got a call and a job booked from that dream client for the following week. It still works! And don’t be afraid to send something special to a few targeted people – 10 to 20 people. While it’s only to a small group, it just might be the right group.

About Amanda

Amanda Sosa Stone is sought after from clients all around the world: Germany, Moscow, England, Mexico, Spain and her homeland, the United States. She has been praised for working on talents like Jim Krantz, the 2010 International Photographer of Year, Nick Onken and National Geographic Assignment Division (with co- consultant Suzanne Sease). She works with clients from all genres, Commercial to Consumer. With her editing being her true passion and love, she has also worked hard to develop many marketing approaches that are proven effective. Nothing feeds Amanda’s creative soul more seeing results and seeing her clients reach their goals. Joining forces with Agency Access in May of 2010, Amanda is their in-house marketing and industry consultant as well as continuing to work with her own clients. Amanda Sosa Stone

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