Using Specialties To Build A Targeted List

Are you a photographer who shoots within multiple specialties? The conundrum you are likely facing is how to narrow down the companies to promote yourself to. While I can’t tell you which companies are the best to choose for your photography, I can tell you how to generate your own list using the resources offered by Agency Access.

The Agency Access database offers the option to build a criteria list based on a company’s specialties. We consider a ‘specialty’ to be the specific type of industry that a particular company works with. Let’s think in terms of ad agencies for example. If a company has done a campaign for the Coca-Cola, this would earn them the specialty tag of food/beverage on our database. In terms of corporations, a company like Johnson & Johnson would obviously have numerous specialties (among them beauty and cosmetics). This means that when you are building your promotions list, you should select companies based on the ads which they have produced (agencies) or the types of products that they are selling (corporations).

If the ad/product has been dormant for the past 8-10 years then proceed with caution as they may no longer work with clients within this specialty. Do a bit of research if necessary. In most cases, it will be painfully obvious what industry a given company works in.

If your work encompasses multiple specialties, it is vital that you build your promotions based on your target prospective clients. Don’t send a picture of tattooed, beer-swilling bikers to an agency that specializes in children’s lifestyle.

For those of you with Agency Access accounts, very little leg work is required of you. The Agency Access database allows you to build multiple custom lists based on the specialties that a company works within. If you are looking for companies that market to the beauty industry, your best bet is to select beauty specialty and check the results. Our crack team of researchers is constantly updating specialty and contact information for these companies, so you can be confident that the information you get is accurate.

So get out there and start building your lists. Target your promotions well, and the right people will eventually see your work. Give them a reason to pick up that phone…


Genive Purchase

Genive Purchase was the Research Director at Agency Access. Within this position she managed the Research Department and helped maintain the quality of the database. She currently has an MA in English and an MS in Library and Information Science.

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