Webinar: Ad Agencies’ Selection and Hiring Proccess

Q: How can I market myself more efficiently to ad agencies?

Last week Agency Access and Photoshelter teamed up to bring you this great webinar. In case you missed it, creative consultant Kristina Hicks lifted the veil on improving your marketing efforts directed at ad agencies. With over nine years of experience as an Art Producer under her belt—having most recently worked for Saatchi & Saatchi on campaigns for companies like Toyota and Proctor & Gamble—Kristina has amassed a collection of show-stopping promos, many of which she still retains for her “inspiration board.” Listen as she discusses designing and implementing email and direct mail promotions that will get a buyer’s attention. She also goes over the often esoteric hiring process agencies use and shares tips for artists to improve their odds of getting that phone call.

For more information on the special promo by Matt Dutile discussed in the webinar, check out our behind-the-scenes post in The Lab about Matt’s process for conceiving and producing his charming, unique promotion.

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