Welcome Aboard, JP!

We’d like to welcome Jennifer Perlmutter aka JP to the Agency Access family. JP is our newest Creative Consultant, and she wanted the opportunity to introduce herself and say a few words about her experiences and her vision:

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to be working with the Agency Access team and the talented array of photographers and illustrators who welcome us into their world.

As a photographer and director rep I have been immersed in the commercial and editorial industry for 7 years. As much as I enjoyed the sales and negotiating process, my true passion has always been working directly with artists to help them define their personal vision and brand. From editing portfolios to brainstorming and presenting innovative and engaging promotional materials, I always bring a combination of industry knowledge and enthusiasm to the table.

The market is continually evolving with new technology, new media buys, and new trends. The artistic landscape is in this same state of constant flux with an increasing number of new talents added to the mix everyday. The one thing that has stayed the same in all of this is the need for clients to find reliable, collaborative and innovative talent. How do you become someone that clients can rely on? Someone who Buyers consistently have at the top of their list? Those are two important aspects I like to focus on as a consultant.

Photography and illustration are so much more than just amazing imagery and creative content, it is about the P’s of success. The P’s of success may just be my corny mnemonic device, but hear me out! In your career, the imagery is a given. If you are a talented artist and are consistently evolving and creating content that speaks to your personal vision, then your portfolio will speak for itself. What really sets you apart is this: PERSONALITY, PRODUCTION, PROLIFICNESS, and PROFESSIONALISM.

If you can bring all of that to the table, along with your stellar creative, you will be a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

Jennifer Perlmutter

Jennifer Perlmutter, affectionately known by friends, colleagues and clients as JP, is a former rep and now a creative consultant with the Agency Access team. Over the past 7 years she has worked with award winning photographers including Randal Ford, Nick Onken, Cade Martin and more along with notable agencies and magazines nationwide. JP is known for being wildly passionate, genuine and open with her clients and prides herself on keeping up to date with every trend and news item in the commercial and editorial world. With a keen eye for editing and a drive to push the envelope, JP is always looking for new and innovative ways to get her clients work out into the public eye.

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