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What Does “Back to Normal” Mean? And How Our Employees Are Adjusting to Their New Normal

The world is a bit of a scary place right now and everyone, myself included, cannot wait for things to go “back to normal” but, let’s think about that for a second. Do we want to go back to the normal that was pre-pandemic? Most of you are reading this and probably saying to yourselves, “Is she crazy? Of course, we want to go back to work and the way things were!” but, that’s not necessarily the normal I’m talking about so, hear me out…

I recently saw a quote on a friend’s Facebook page that resonated and made me think;

“Nothing should go back to normal. Normal wasn’t working. If we go back to the way things were, we will have lost the lesson. May we rise up and do better.”

It is clear that the universe is trying to tell us something; perhaps to slow down and appreciate all the beauty this life has to offer.

Although it is difficult to see that side of it while we are so deep in the thick of this horrible pandemic, it gave me hope that at the end of all of this, whenever that may be, that businesses come back better and stronger than ever with a clearer purpose, students and teachers are more excited to get into the classroom and learn from each other, that all the little things like going to the grocery store, a hug from a friend or celebrating a birthday become more special; more valued than they were before. I guess what I am trying to say is although we are all feeling pretty beat down and defeated by this monster, I can’t wait for our “new normal” because I think it’s going to be pretty incredible.

Our “new normal” right now is a lot of time at home and for many of us, that means working from home and trying to stay productive. The transition from going into the office every day to working at my dining room table was tough. We are all feeling the pressure of productivity but remember to give yourself some grace as we all navigate these unknown waters. We are all in this together.

Continuing on our path of being a resource to our community in good times and not so good times, I asked all of our employees to give me some of their best practices for working from home in the hopes that it could help you with whatever new transition you are dealing with. We also threw in some of our favorite Netflix shows we’re bingeing, podcasts we’re listening to and inspiring social media accounts.


What tips do you have for staying productive and making your work from home environment most effective for you?

“Sticking with daily routines is helpful, whether it’s working out in the morning, getting ready as if you are going into the office, doing your hair, makeup, or just sitting on your deck and getting fresh air. This helps you feel fresh and is a good way to kick start your day. After a good homemade coffee/tea of course!” Angie Greene, Senior Sales Representative

“Every morning, I set my goals for the workday and I write them down on my notepad! As I complete each task throughout the day, I make sure to cross them off. At the end of the day, it’s so satisfying to see all that I accomplished.” Cynthia Snider, Found, Print Coordinator

“Shooting, editing and working on my personal website.” Wendy Correa, Campaign Manager

“Coffee, music and more coffee.” Scott Fedler, Print Technician

“Time Management. I try to set time for completing my work tasks, my kids’ school work, household chores, as well as making time to get some fresh air.” Lilien Perito, VP of Sales

“Organize your workspace for the long haul, and mimic as much of the office atmosphere as possible.” Jim Starace, Chief Information Officer

“I have a playlist of favorite classical music (Beethoven, Mozart, etc.) that I play low in the background. Very relaxing and puts you in a good, positive frame of mind.” Gary Windham, Customer Support Representative

“Take advantage of the hours when you’re most productive. For me, it’s early morning before everyone is up. Work from home allows a bit more flexibility when you decide to get your solo projects done during the day.”Sienna Puleo, Marketing Coordinator

“Hydrate and get some sun on your skin! If your WiFi reaches outside even better. Vitamin D is proven to boost energy and plus, being in nature uplifts your mood” Delanie Goldman, Research Associate

“Creating a new routine and sticking to it has been incredibly helpful for me. It’s so easy to get distracted at home but as long as you treat your working hours as if you are physically still in the office, everything kind of falls into place. This may seem like common sense but sleeping and getting up at a normal time, showering and getting fully dressed for work is key.” AJ Estrada, Graphic Designer

What Podcasts are getting you through your workday?

S* TownTo Live and Die in LA…anything true crime-related.” Jim Starace, Chief Information Officer

True Crime Garage!Katie Knepple, Customer Services Manager

Joe Rogan Experience | Spittin’ ChickletsJohn Becker, Research Associate

TedTalks of all kinds keep me inspired!” Lilien Perito, VP of Sales

“It’s a popular one – but ‘How Did This Get Made?‘ is a perfect one for comedy fans who love to rip on terrible movies.” Sienna Puleo, Marketing Coordinator

What we’re bingeing on our favorite streaming services… 

“My fiancé and I are late to the game but we just started watching The Sopranos on HBOGO; safe to say we’re hooked!” Lindsay Partridge, Marketing Manager

“The Platform was a great movie on Netflix, but if you’re looking for something a little lighter, ‘Nailed It’ is hysterical.” Katie Knepple, Customer Services Manager

“Peep Show – it’s an oldie, but still one of the funniest British (or any) shows available.”Sienna Puleo, Marketing Coordinator

“HBO’s Westworld or Ozark on Netflix” Jim Starace, Chief Information Officer

What social media accounts are inspiring you right now?

“Comedian Jim Gaffigan on Instagram and YouTube.” Gary Windham, Customer Support Representative

“Almost everywhere I look online I see awesome acts of kindness and community. It sometimes makes me emotional. I thought to myself – extraordinary challenges are like magnets- they grip and pull forward our talents and courage to help strangers.” Delanie Goldman, Research Associate

The Futur have been helping artists and creatives strive to better themselves professionally and mentally for a while now. But they’ve recently shifted to addressing the recent fears and anxieties a lot of us are dealing with right now. They’ve double-downed on the mental wellness and have been putting out great resources for creatives daily. Highly recommend to throw one of their videos on in the background while you work.” AJ Estrada, Graphic Designer

Lindsay Partridge

Lindsay has been with Agency Access for seven years. After a transition from Campaign Manager where she managed multiple client campaigns, she found her home as Marketing Manager. She enjoys working in the creative world and bringing her Public Relations background to the forefront.

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