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What’s New at Agency Access

Hi, ya’ll!

2019 is going to be one of the biggest years for Agency Access, so what does that mean for you? Our development team has been working day and night so we could deploy the new Agency Access App, and it’s HUGE! We’ve heard your cries and are addressing each one as we continue forward into the new year. Check out what’s going on below!

The major changes are:

1. Merged Contacts Area

Previously, Agency Access contacts and Personal contacts were kept in two separate sections. In the new Agency Access App, we merged the two areas so that members can see and manage all contacts in one unified place.


A new Contact Type filter has been added so members can ONLY see Agency Access contacts or Personal contacts if they wish.  


On the grid, Personal contacts are visually indicated with a private lock icon over the contact avatar.


Linking an Agency Access Contact: When a member adds a Tag, Note, Task or a Custom Field on an Agency Access Contact, the contact remains an Agency Access Contact and doesn’t convert to a Personal Contact.

If a member has linked an Agency Access Contact, and that contact later gets deleted from our database by an Agency Access researcher, the linked contact will be hidden from the member’s account.

In a future release, we’ll have the ability to allow a member to inspect a linked Agency Access Contact that’s been hidden to convert into a Personal Contact to use moving forward.

2. Non-Hiring Companies

Previously, non-hiring companies and their contacts were not available to members. We’ve lifted this restriction and now this data set, which consists of over 6,000 contacts at over 3,850 companies, is available via Directory Search*

*Please note that non-hiring companies and contacts are not included when creating criteria-based lists and can only be found via Directory Search.


3. Search Gateway Pages

In Directory Search, we created search gateway pages that provide filters to narrow down results, such as keyword, location, sector, and role.


We also provided the ability to view Recent Searches. The app remembers the last 5 searches that a member did and allows them to search the same criteria again.


4. Language Changes

It’s important to note that we’ve changed the names of some of our data options. Specifically, what we used to call “Company Type” is now called “Sector” and what we used to call “Position” is now called “Role.” These names fit better with the language used in the industry.



5. Printed portfolio books are on fire

With 2 years of experience under our belts, we’ve fine-tuned the process of crafting a printed portfolio book. With our Portfolio Book Package, you can get the edit, design, and print for one incredibly affordable price.


6. We took over Europe

With the closing of FileFx, Agency Access not only took on the updating of international data but we launched a series of new international production data sets. These data sets include TV Commercial & Film Production Companies, Independent Film Production Companies, Post Production Companies, Music Production Companies (not to be confused with Record Labels as these companies are doing licensing & jingles). This data is for directors, production companies, stock footage licensors and animators looking to be hired for commercials and film.

7. Our database continues to get refined and evolve

  • We added social for 85%+ of the companies in our database. (Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram). The plan is to release this in the very near future within the company detail pages.
  • We did a cleaning of all domestic brands, i.e., removed small unwanted brands, did a duplicate merge/purge clean up, formatted brand names to the legal and recognizable name and added missing brands in demand. Every domestic brand in our database got the once over.
  • We added new corporations in 2018 as part of the domestic brand’s clean-up project. The demand for more corporation inspired this project because of their hiring power. We wanted corporate headquarters for all brands we list in our database whether they have contacts or not. This is set to be complete very soon, and a lot has been done already and launched to the public.

That’s all for now but we hope you are as excited about these updates as we are. As always, we are here and happy to help so should you have any questions or just want to chat with us, feel free to reach out! We love hearing from you!

Lindsay Partridge

Lindsay has been with Agency Access for seven years. After a transition from Campaign Manager where she managed multiple client campaigns, she found her home as Marketing Manager. She enjoys working in the creative world and bringing her Public Relations background to the forefront.

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