Will an Art Buyer Really Read Your Blog?

Question: With today’s busy schedules, are creative directors and art buyers taking time to read blogs?

Yes, everyone is busy and multitasking, but I do believe that art directors and creative directors are taking the time to read certain photographers’ blogs, and some art buyers may read them too, schedule-permitting.

Why? If they like the work they have already seen on your website, they are more likely to want to find out what else they can learn about you from your blog and to see what you’ve been up to lately. A blog gives them an extended peek into the photographer’s personality, and glimpses of what they might be like to work with.

The Buck Starts Here

Chris Buck, for example, was initially hesitant to start a blog because he felt clients might see behind-the-scenes shots that were not so positive – because, after all, things do go wrong on photo shoots! But his agent, Patrick Casey, encouraged him to start a blog so that clients could get an additional sense not only of his ability to solve problems, but also his creativity and what it would be like to work with him.

Chris also happens to have a wicked sense of humor, which is now expressed with his words as well as in his photographs. He embraced the task given him, had some fun with it and now is able to use his blog as an additional tool that presents him in a more personal sense, such as by promoting the upcoming “The Surprising Portrait” workshop he will be teaching in Santa Fe.

The Marketing Lab Photographer Chris Buck Blog

Chris Buck’s Blog

Behind the Scenes

I recently presented and moderated a panel of top industry professionals at Adorama with a line-up that included art buyers, an executive creative director and a photo editor. I asked them if they were reading any particular blogs and to give us some of their current favorites. I say “current” because, as with many things, these lists are ever-changing.

One of my panelists was Steve Whittier, Executive Creative Director at R/GA, and one of his favorite photographers he has worked with and continues to follow is Tim Kemple.

Not only is there some great work on his website, but Tim’s blog is also full of “behind the scenes” videos and updates on what’s going on in his career. I emailed Tim and asked him to tell us more about how he utilizes his blog:

“I think the great thing with using a blog (of some sort) is that it’s an opportunity to share more about your personality, work and inspiration with fellow creatives. Folks that are looking to hire you want to know what you’ve been up to and what you are like to work with. And clients from the past are always keen to keep up on the latest adventures.”

The Marketing Lab Photographer Tim Kemple Blog resized 600

Tim Kemple’s Blog

Creativity and Fun

Also on the panel was Wieden + Kennedy Art Producer Michelle Chant, and one of her favorites is Ethan Pines. Again, not only does Ethan have great work and a cool website, he also had fun with his blog by giving it another name altogether: “Value and Convenience.”

On the blog itself, Ethan explains, “Way back during the great Internet bubble of the late ’90s, when people were registering domain names then selling them for wads of cash, I snared this hard-to-type, ironically inconvenient URL. Once it was clear that no one was dying to purchase it, I figured I’d hold on to it anyways. Starting a carpet-cleaning business? Passionate about short-term money loans? You never know when “valueandconvenience” might come in handy. Well, I’ve had it for about 11 years, and I finally realized — Criminy, what a great place to start a blog!”

The Marketing Lab Photographer Ethan Pines Blog

Ethan Pines’ Blog

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